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Our Matte Longwear Luxury Lipsticks apply like a velvet cream and dry softly to stay on all day and night with minimum touch-ups. These lipsticks are part of our Best-Sellers list, and are a true customer favorite. We have 100's of beautiful, buildable colours in this "Special Lipstick" line. This means you can take any shade and apply it lightly for one colour look, apply with medium pressure for another colour look or apply with the heaviest pressure for the most bold or solid look.  It's like getting multiple lipsticks that last all day for the price of one! This lipstick collection  is truly the only one that can be truly used in this "buildable" way. Lip Liners are recommended with our Matte Longwear Luxury Lipsticks to enhance their look and stop feathering from occuring.


Please enjoy our lip liner tutorials on our Lip Liner Page if you are new to applying them, want to refresh your memory or learn new tips and tricks. There are illustrations and very detailed instructions. We want you to feel comfortable with your new lip liners, have fun and be able to create all kinds of lip looks when mixing with your other lip products.

SUGGESTED LIP LINERS (Choose your colors based on what final look you want)

Naked, Silk, Cameo, Rosewood   CLICK TO GO TO LIP LINER PAGE NOW