New and Exciting Luxury Cosmetic Brand Coming Soon. Bona Chic Innovative Formulations are Extraordinary, Elegant and Empower Women Everywhere.

Who wouldn't want to be bona chic beautiful?

Bona Chic Luxury Cosmetics | NEW YORK

Age, race, color and creative style, Bona Chic has something for everyone! We are a Professional Lifestyle Brand designed by a 37 year Beauty and Fashion veteran and expert in high-end cosmetics.  All colours are extremely pigmented, bold, bright, vibrant and beautiful. We also have a large selection of innocent, subtle and sophisticated shades for the naturally "Chic" looks many love. Lipsticks are creamy, smooth and velvety. Our powders are soft and silky, a little bit goes a long way with all Bona Chic Cosmetics. Our Brand is longer wearing than most, leaving you feeling absolutely insouciant about your makeup all day long.

Faces Painted Pretty

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“I work in CVS beauty and figured every product is made about the same, so why spend money on expensive brands that are just packaged prettier? But then I won a beautiful Taupe-Brown Matte Longwear Lipstick from Bona Chic and was amazed! I put it on at 7:00am and didn't have to touch it up until 5:00pm? It looked and felt great all day, and it didn't dry my lips like the longwear drugstore brands I'd tried before. If you're thinking about trying Bona Chic, I highly recommend it. I will definitely buy this product again, and check out others in their line. I realized with how well the lipstick stayed on that I was actually saving money by spending more...I won't need to go through a lipstick every two months anymore, this one will last me a year!”   

Lorraine, FLA

" My eyeliners always smudge, no matter what brand I try. But when I was sent the Caviar Black Gel eyeliner from Bona Chic, it didn't budge all day and night...not at all! As you can imagine I was thrilled to find a liner that finally worked! It was different to apply though because it had a softer, creamier feel to it's tip. But, the representative let me know that I did need to follow the application instructions to get the best look, and she talked to me about some tips ahead of time. I highly recommended these eyeliners to people who have problems finding ones that stay on well and don't smudge. It's definitely my new go-to product, I don't care what it costs if it works, that's all I wanted." 

Mary, NJ

“My lips are always dry and chaffing, even on the outsides of them, Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall. I wrote in and asked Bona Chic if they had a product that would help this problem and they did! They mailed me their Pep-O-Mint Lip Balm and advised I sloughed the lip area daily to remove dead or flaking skin before use! Then they said to apply it every time my lips felt dry during the day. At first I was putting it on 6 times a day, but by day three I was down half that and my lips were soft and supple. Now I do these steps regularly and put on the Pep-O-Mint as needed. It's the only product I've found that actually starts reversing the dryness while conditioning. It's very moisturizing and smells great! I'm so happy to have found a solution to my problem, and thankful for Bona Chic's help.”  

Julie, CO

“I'm a professional makeup artist and had the priveledge of trying many of the Bona Chic Luxury Products. I have to say, they hit the mark with this line and I'm very familiar with many high-end lines. My clients love the amazing colored looks I create, due to Bona Chic's very high pigmentation. I love how easy Bona Chic is to work with and that high pigmentation saves me from having to replace products too fast, because I only use a small amount of any product in the line to get my saturated color effects. So, it's a great brand that I'm now using daily and I'm saving money AND getting a Pro Membership Discount while my clients are looking better than ever! Sounds good to me." 

Thomas, NJ

"My eyeshadows never seem to add much color, they're hard to apply, I add coat after coat. Yet the Bona Chic Eyeshadow Palette I received to test was super soft and full of color . It only took a tiny amount of each shadow to create my first smokey eye! I used the brushes Bona Chic sent and read their application tips, and I'm so happy with the product I could scream! I can finally blend eyeshadows and my eyes look really cool...well, I need a little practice, but I can't wait to buy different colored palettes. I loved that there were five shades in each one. I'm learning each day how to create different looks, using special brushes for different areas on the eyes and it really makes a difference. The woman told me that without the right "tools" you will never be able to apply makeup properly. She was right...and I can't wait to learn more when they start their video tutorial subscriptions. This is fun!

Lexi, CA