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Bright, Fire Engine Red


Lip liners are what accentuate the pout substantially, a way we can create beautiful illusions with one of our top facial features. We always recommend wearing lip liners for their sharp and stylish looks and to stop any feathering from occuring with products used to fill-in the lips. Lining the lips gives them an exciting aestetic curvature that attracts attention to their unique shape and fullness. It can be a subtle or dramatic look, depending on how the lip liner is applied. It's colour and the colour(s) of lipsticks blended together create endless, unique looks. 

Please see our illustrations and instructional tips on lining the lips regularly and creating different and distinct looks. Just click the boxes around the main liner images, start with the first illustrated tutorial and go to the fifth. This is our way of helping you to learn and master your lip lining skills, and even apply special effects like the hottest trend still going strong...Ombre lips! Pick your favorite lip liners today and start experimenting and seeing the difference in how your lips look lined.

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