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Helping the Homeless

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Bona Chic believes in giving back and paying it forward. Due to the huge homeless population in our Country, and even just on the East Coast from very high costs of living, people need "real" and big help...they're not making it, more and more everyday. No one should have to sleep on the concrete or in a car or box and go to bed hungry in The United States of America and we plan on helping to lessen homelessness to the best of our ability.

We feel very strongly about helping in this area. It's not just something that happens to people who are lazy, people who don't want to work, people with mental illnesses and substance abuse and God help all of our Veterans living in the streets, who fought to keep us all safe and are left to fend for themselves.

Too many people turn their backs on this issue, they blame the individual or family. However, it's not just happening to "other" people anymore or people with "problems." Homelessness is happening to your next door neighbor who had everything and got sick unexpectedly, your friend who just lost their high paying job and can't find another and your child who went through college, can't find work and now can't support themselves.

Some people have families or relatives or friends who can take them in for a short periods. But too many people have no one to help them as their lives crash down around them. Now, they have long-term homeless shelters that are doing everything they can to get these people back on their feet. But there's not many, and they work strictly off donations, some state and government grants and with housing vouchers when they become available.

We want to help this fight against homelessness. We want to make more people aware of how widespread it is and that no one is safe from it. In a split second your whole life can change, and YOU could start heading down that road that just gets more and more impossible to manage until you sell off everything and are blessed if you can even get into a long-term shelter for help. Most wind up on the streets. Low income, HUD and Section 8 housing lists have 10 years waits most times. Homelessness is epidemic in the U.S., people are not making enough money to keep a solid roof over their heads's out of control.

Bona Chic is going to help fight this battle in many ways, and choose where we put our money and resources to help. We will be taking a percentage of our profits and donating to whomever at the time needs the most urgent help. If you'd like to get involved, you too can donate to homelessness in the U.S. at checkout with a charitable donation of your own.

It will take us a little while to get the program details up to speed, to work out the legalties and to track our donations and anyone elses so they are given what's needed for there tax write off each year.

I heard about six months ago the meaning of generosity. The man talked and said it's not about giving once in a while, or during the Holidays or when the girl scouts are selling cookies once a year. Generosity is about choosing something or someone you feel passionate about and want to donate to on a regular basis and doing that. Making the long-term commitment to help.

Giving is much more gratifying than receiving. I hope you'll join our cause if you are able. We will have updates and information on new happenings on our BLOG once we get everything in order.

To speak with us about details in the future, please email:

Life is about loving, giving, caring and taking positive actions to help the less fortunate. It may just be by having a conversation with someone, sharing a smile with a person who looks down, giving that single mom in the grocery line the $20 she's short for food or praying for someone going through a rough time. People need people to care about them again...To not be so wrapped up in their own lives or smaller problems that they become blind to the rest of the world and those struggling with much more than them. Gratitude needs to be an everyday part of everyone's lives again in this fast-paced, sometimes self-centered world that we live in.

Yours Truly and may God Bless You,

Angela Puccio

CEO/Founder Bona Chic Cosmetics, LLC