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Who, What, Where, When and Why...Bona Chic Cosmetics.

Bona Chic which means "Sexy Chic" in Italian, was Trademarked in 2012. With a second company already thriving from makeup artistry, hair styling, makeup application classes and Prestige Cosmetic recommendations, it was a very busy time. But, we spent the next three years researching manufacturers, formulas, colours and how to fulfill empty or "under qualified" areas on the store shelves. In 2015 research was complete, we had solid information, a good strategy and business plan, and Bona Chic was registered as a legal entity in New Jersey.  Founder and CEO Ms. Angela Puccio, filled with knowledge, experience and passion decided to back away from her other company, hire additional artists and move forward full time with this much bigger venture. The time had finally come to make her dream a reality and create her own Prestige Cosmetic Brand, Bona Chic.


Ms. Puccio wanted to help women find easy to use, high-end makeup products that work, give them peace of mind, look and feel great all day and simplify their beauty routines. She also wanted to add more flare, more fun and creative products that people could create unique and different looks with. She knew that in the Prestige Cosmetic marketplace there were many products that didn't live up to their claims, after working with different lines for a lifetime. Women were frustrated, wasting money, time and never really finding makeup that they truly loved and look forward to using in a variety of areas.

Sidewalk Collection, Grays, greys, mauves, matching lipstick, Gloss-E and lipliner, eyeliners, eyeshadow brushes and more

It was the goal of the Ms Puccio to take her 35 years of working knowledge and experience with many, many prestige brands and fill the gaps of failing and short lived products. It was also time in her career to develop an entirely NEW cosmetic line for professionals, that everyday people could and would learn to use and benefit greatly from. Angela has been a beauty and makeup researcher, application expert and educator for decades. She intends to include many video tutorial classes right here on this website to teach the tips and tricks of applying makeup like a Pro Artist. Bona Chic wont just be selling products and leaving the customer to figure out how to use them on their own. They will educate, teach application and inform Brand users about all kinds of techniques, looks and having fun with their new makeup.


Bona Chic is committed to sticking around, growing this Lifestyle Brand steadily, with a loyal following and adding many specialty and fun formulations in the future. They will help women feel confident and empowered through all kinds of beauty flaws that can be reduced or made invisible by using these particular formulations and other enhancing beauty products and tools. True beauty is about the inner person. We strive to take that beauty and enhance it with outer eloquence using Bona Chic Prestige Cosmetics.

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