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Top-Selling Longwear Matte Luxury Lipsticks


See an array of colours in our one-of-a-kind lipstick sensations, the Best Selling Matte Longwear Luxury Lipstick Collection. These lipsticks are not just any other lipstick on the market, they're unique, special and readily distiguishable from all others. The stiring of the cosmetic world with profound curiosity swirling around from the entrance of this new superior makeup collection is proof that we did what we set out to...exceeded our competitors product. We created this collection with maximimum colour, to stay put, to look fabulous and feel good all day, needing little to no touch-ups. Women everywhere are using these Lipsticks and falling in love more and more with every color they buy. Reviews are pouring in that Bona Chic's NEW Matte Longwear Luxury Lipsticks are beating out other longwear types and have become the new "Go-To" lipstick for women everywhere. We sought to create an incredible longwear lipstick that was more moisturizing than most and made peoples lives easier, while adding beautiful and intense colour to their already unique attractiveness.

We succeeded!

Enjoy browsing all of the beautiful colours in this bonafide launch phase. Look at all the models wearing each lipstick selected with different skin tones, hair colors and races. This will assist you greatly in choosing which top-selling colours will look the absolute best on YOU! Be Unique, Be Elite, Be Bona Chic...Forevermore. Grazie!

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